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Twelve sustainable urinals were installed in Amsterdam this week. The GreenPee, invented by Richard de Vries from Vlaardingen, is a combination of planter and urinal, which can collect up to 300 liters of urine that, after processing, is reused as fertilizer and good quality water, Het Parool reports.

Twelve GreenPee urinals were placed in the entertainment areas in Amsterdam city center this week. The idea is to give public urinators a more attractive option than an alleyway. The GreenPee is a brightly colored planter with a urinal attached to it. Amsterdam got an improved version, with added privacy screens. “You cannot change the urge to urinate, but you can change the behavior of those who urinate in public,” De Vries said to the newspaper.

The Green Pee is completely sustainable The urinal does not use water. The urine is collected in a container with odor absorbing hemp fiber. Once full, the tank is switched out for an empty one. The full tank is emptied out. The liquid urine is processed into clean water. The remaining mixture of urine and hemp fibers is composted into organic fertilizer. The maintenance of the plants is considered – it has a rainwater reservoir to keep the plants watered.

De Vries took the target group into account when designing his sustainable urinal. “The GreenPee is in a rough environment. It is vandal-proof. Everything is possible, of course, but the height of the planter makes it unattractive to urinate on the plants. The plants must also be able to take a beating. In Mechelen we worked with winter heather, strong and yet nice to see. In Amsterdam it will be something like grass with beautiful plumes.”