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There was an explosion at the home of Castricum city councilor Ralph Castricum during the early hours of Wednesday morning, the city councilor himself said on Twitter. “Just an intense attack on my home,” Castricum tweeted. “I am unharmed. Police are engaged in forensic investigation. I am completely devastated.”

The police confirmed in a statement that there was an explosion at a home on Kortenaerplantsoen in Castricum at around 1:30 a.m. on Wednesday. The front door and windows of the home were damaged. No one was injured. “The explosion may have been caused by fireworks,” the police said. Investigators called on witnesses to come forward.

Ralph Castricum is faction leader of party Forza! – a right-wing nationalist party in favor of personal responsibility and a free market economy. It is against what it calls the “Islamization” of the Netherland.s, though without the extreme standpoints of banning mosques or the Quran. The group is largely against the placement of energy generating windmills. It also supports healthcare funding, more freedom for local businesses, and giving locals priority selections for housing.