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A crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the funeral costs of 15-year-old Alice from Scheveningen, who was stabbed to death in a home in Rotterdam last week, achieved the goal of 20 thousand euros within a day and half. Nearly 1,300 people made a donation.

The fundraiser was started by friends of the family on Monday night. By 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, 21,040 euros had been raised. Alice’s mother wants to fly her body to Manaus in Brazil, where she was born and where her final resting place will be.

Alice was stabbed to death in a home on Mathenesserdijk in Rotterdam-West last week Wednesday. The police arrested a 16-year-old girl as a suspect.

The teen girl’s family hopes that the Dutch authorities will do everything they can to find out what happened, her stepfather Diogo Dos Santos Sera said to Rijnmond. “Nobody can believe it. Nobody expected it,” he said. It is sadness that no one can imagine. A little girl, very beloved. How could this have happened?”

According to the stepfather, the suspect threatened and extorted Alice. A friend of the family told Rijnmond that the conflict had something to do with unrequited love.